Find your scheme

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to buy your next home, there are plenty of schemes designed to help you own your home.

By answering a few questions about yourself we can find you the schemes that could be right for you…

Please choose the option that best describes you:
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  • If you pay rent directly to a person, a company or a letting agency, select ‘Private sector tenant’.
  • If you pay rent directly to a council, select ‘Council tenant’.
  • If you pay rent directly to a housing association, select ‘Housing association tenant’. Unless you own a share in your home, in which case select ‘Homeowner’.
  • If you own or part-own your home, select ‘Homeowner’.
  • Don’t worry if none of these options describe you, select ‘None of the above’.

(Answer the following question if you're a Housing Association tenant:)

In the past, did you rent your current home from your council? And not from your housing association.
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If you don’t know, you can find out by asking your landlord. Otherwise select ‘Don’t remember’.

(Answer the following question if you're not currently a Homeowner:)

Have you ever owned a home?
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  • If you have ever owned or part-owned any home in any country select ‘Yes’ – even if you did not live there yourself.
  • If you have ever had a mortgage select ‘Yes’.
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A rough estimate of your annual income will do. We only ask because some schemes have a maximum income limit.

Annual income is the amount of money you make every year before you subtract taxes and other deductions, ie your ‘gross income’.

Income includes:

  • pay – your earnings before tax and National Insurance (check your P60 or payslips if you’re employed, or your Self Assessment tax return if you’re self-employed)
  • benefits from your employer (check your P11D or P9D)
  • certain state benefits
  • money from a pension – including your State Pension
  • interest on savings.

Please enter a number with no letters, symbols or spaces.

Tick anything which applies to you. If nothing, press 'Continue'.
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  • If you intend to buy with someone described above, select the option that describes them.
  • If you will be 55 years old or over when you intend to buy, select ‘Aged 55 or older’.
  • If you will be disabled for at least 1 year when you intend to buy, select ‘Long-term disabled’.
  • If you work with the UK armed forces but you are not regular service personnel, eg you are a reservist or belong to the Territorial Army, do not select ‘UK armed forces’ and select ‘Continue’.