Applying: Completing your application form

If you think you are eligible and feel ready to apply for the Right to Buy, you need to fill out the RTB1 application form.

In both cases, you will still need to print the form, sign it in all relevant sections and take or send it by recorded delivery to your landlord. Keep a copy of the completed form.

Make sure you have the following information to hand before you fill out your application form. Don’t worry if you get stuck – our Right to Buy advisers can help you complete the form and guide you through the whole application process.

Remember to include the area where you live and the full postcode.

e.g. Nottingham City Council.

e.g. RICK SMITH would probably be RICHARD JAMES SMITH. Remember to tick the boxes to say whether the property is each tenant’s only or principal property, and if they wish to buy. On joint tenancies, not all tenants may wish to buy.

They must be a family member, spouse or civil partner. They must have lived in the property as their main home for at least the last 12 months. Spouses or civil partners do not need to meet the 12 month residency criterion. They must be over 18.

You will need dates, names of tenants, addresses of tenants and names of landlord for these tenancies, those of your spouse/civil partner, those of your former spouse/civil partner who you have divorced or who have died, parents who previously held the tenancy.

You do not need to give details of applications, only purchases.

The improvements may have increased the value of the property. If you disclose them in your application, the value of the improvements will not be included in the valuation of the property so you don’t pay twice.

Make sure all tenants sign in the correct place including family members who are joining in the application. The boxes on page 10 are for tenants who want to buy. The first set of boxes on page 11 is for tenants who do not wish to share the Right to Buy. The second set of boxes on page 11 is for family members who are not tenants but want to share the Right to Buy.