Help to own your home

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Imagine holding the key to your own home.

Opening the door, going in and being able to say, “This is mine”. Whether a flat in the city, or a semi in the suburbs, or house in the country. A brand new home or one that needs a little love.

You can paint it how you like. Put in the furniture and fittings you want. Build a future for your kids.

People like you have that dream right now. Young working people who want to buy their first home, growing families looking for more space, council and housing association tenants who want to own their own home.

The government wants to help more people own their homes. 

That’s why we’re offering a range of schemes to help you buy. One or more might make the difference for you and open that door to security and stability for you and your family.

Is now the right time to look into buying a home of your own and joining the 708,000 households we have helped already?

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How to buy?

Buying a home could be the biggest single investment you ever make. It’s an exciting time, but there is a lot to think about. So you’ll need to take time to look at the costs.

You can find guidance on saving for a depositgetting a mortgage and much more on the MoneyHelper website. You can even use an online calculator to estimate how much your mortgage repayments could be.

You can also check websites of mortgage lenders (banks and building societies), as some have their own online mortgage calculators. Lender websites may provide you with a wider choice of terms and mortgages as lending criteria can vary. However, you should note that website calculators only provide informal estimates.

To find out more about the process, key stages and what fees to expect, we recommend you visit their home-buying timeline first.

MoneyHelper is a free, unbiased and impartial service set up by the government.


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