Callum Trimmer used Help to Buy to purchase a property

A stone propery with backdrop of the skyCallum Trimmer bought from Crosshall Developers in Leeds in 2019. He purchased a three-bedroom property for £252,000.

Callum used the Help to Buy: Equity Loan to secure a £50,000 loan to boost his deposit, access a better mortgage rate and allow him to buy the home of his choice.

He said: “I wouldn’t have been able to get on the housing ladder and purchase my first home without the equity loan support. Deposits are hard to save for and with the lack of mortgage availability for first-time buyers, Help to Buy was the easiest and most accessible option to help me buy my first home.”

Callum moved into his first home in Leeds in April 2019.

“After moving up North for work, I was looking to buy my first property in Leeds. I wanted to make the investment and get on the housing ladder.

The main reason I used the Help to Buy: Equity Loan was to leverage capital and support my home purchase. Using Help to Buy allowed me to boost my deposit and access a better mortgage rate. This was important to me to secure my first home and support my future finances.

I purchased with a friend, who lives South of the UK. We viewed the equity loan as an opportunity to get on the housing ladder, move into my first home and make that investment in housing.

A living room set up with table, chairs and sofaI purchased my first home in April 2019, aged 19. It’s a three-bedroom home built by Crosshall Developers in Leeds. I purchased the home due to its location for work.

Using the Help to Buy: Equity Loan made the home buying process quicker and secure the home I wanted faster. It also gave me the flexibility to purchase a bigger home.

As a first-time buyer, I’d recommend leveraging with your developer about the property you want to buy. We purchased a show home which allowed us to make some savings on the purchase price. We also brought the property fully furnished which is invaluable for those buying a home for the first time.

I didn’t have or need to have lots of contact with my solicitor, they handled the process well on our behalf and we felt well supported with our purchase.

Our mortgage broker, who has now sadly been liquidated, was fantastic. They managed the process from start to finish and confidently handled our application.

Our Help to Buy agent made the process straightforward and easy. They were always helpful and continued to meet our purchasing timescales.

We wouldn’t have been able to buy our home without Help to Buy and I’m looking to repay my equity loan when I sell my home and move up the housing ladder in the future.

In the current climate as a first-time buyer, it’s certainly worthwhile using the Help to Buy: Equity Loan to purchase your first home. It’s allowed me to get on the housing ladder and invest in property, something I hope to continue.”

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